The Joy of School Supplies

Well, it’s that time of the summer… All the teachers are pushing and shoving through the school supplies section of Walmart, searching for the colored folders and cheap crayons that they MUST HAVE. Me, on the other hand, I bought my things early in July, so I could have the best of the best. I thought I’d show you some of the great deals that I got this year. I guess that also means showing you the things that I shouldn’t have bought but did anyway because I have no self-control. On with the show!

The summer sales are the time to pick up the basics that you need all year while they’re cheap. All my classes complete interactive notebooks and individual PDSA folders throughout the year. As always, someone won’t bring one and it falls to me to provide one. I stock up on bound journals and floppy folders while they are super cheap. At Walmart, I found these five packs of notebooks for $5 and the floppy folders were $0.17. I was kind of disappointed in the folders because they used to be $0.10.

Floppy Folders      Noteback Pack

In the clearance section at Walmart (which I scour every time I’m there), I found these project kits that have stickers, border, and other thingys in them. I teach 10th grade English, which is World Literature, so when I saw the continent set, I was super excited. Then I saw the other set with books on it, and I had to get them. They were a dollar a piece. Isn’t that crazy?!

Project Poppers - Front      Project Poppers - Back      Project Poppers - Back Close

DSC00569This might be my favorite purchase that was also from Walmart’s clearance section. Last year when my class held discussions, my kids had such a horrible problem with talking over one another. I had been wracking my brain with how to fix this. I found my solution in this furry monster ball. I have named him Mr. Schneebly (after my favorite movie, School of Rock). This is really a ball that bounces, but it is soft (which is important because I know that it WILL hit someone in the head). For $5, I thought it was a pretty good deal. The brand on the back says Fuzzbies.

Hall PassesAnother issue that I had last year was with my hall pass. Our school uses clipboards as hall passes, and OMG, they are disgusting. Kids take them to the bathroom and put them on the floor while they pee or whatever. YUCK! So when I was at the Dollar Tree the other day, I found these hall passes. I bought one for the bathroom, nurse, office, and just for the hall, in general (because we know that kids always need to run random, useless errands to other teachers). I plan on buying some cheap lanyards to put these passes on, so that they can hang around their neck and not be thrown on the floor like the clipboards.

Funny Tissue PacksWhile at Walmart, I also found some packs of little tissues that have funny sayings on them. I thought these would be good gifts for my teacher friends on the first day back to school. They were pretty hilarious to me. It makes me want to keep them, but that kind of defeats the purpose… They say things like “The dog ate my lesson plan.”

Of course, I also had to buy some boring things like sticky notes, index cards, pushpins, and GERM-X!!! Funny story about Germ-X: Last year, I had a student steal my gigantic pump bottle of Germ-X that was on my desk. He stuffed it in his bookbag! Can you believe that?! Anyway, I also bought some cute, little, multi-colored paper pendants from Hobby Lobby. I think that I will be using them to write my Common Core Standards on, but we’ll see how that goes (*wink*).Extra Supplies

Did you get any good school supplies deals this year? Did you find some cool, new products to use in your room? Let me know!


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