The Dreaded Day (Sort of)

I know that I’m supposed to be annoyed about going back to school. When people ask me if I’m ready for summer to be over, I growl and say all the things that teachers say like “It went by so fast.” In reality, I’m ready. I can only take so much lying around and doing nothing before I start to go crazy. I have scrubbed my apartment from top to bottom. I did some tutoring for a couple hours a week. Now, I’m ready to get back and do what I love the most: teach.Back to School Cartoon

Yesterday, my mother and I went to my school and took a load of things. It’s always good to have a little help. It’s funny because since my mom is a teacher too, I have always been dragged into helping set-up for the first day. Loading and unloading bookshelves, hanging bulletin boards, and all that fun jazz has just been part of the job. Now that I’m a teacher, my mom is also asking me what she can do to help. It’s really the best kind of support that a new teacher can get. Plus when she retires in a couple years, I get all her stuff!!! And no, I don’t care that it will all be preschool and Kindergarten stuff. My room already looks like a Kindergarten room (just with bigger books and desks).

When you start teaching, you NEED someone to help you. You need a couple practiced teachers to give you advice. You need someone that you can complain to about all the meetings, paperwork, and the annoying changing of the passwords that happens every month it seems. You need someone that has been there and understands, someone that will get why you randomly just bursted into tears when you got home that day. The best way to get everything you need is to have many people like this in your life. You should have people from every subject and grade level. You wouldn’t believe the things that high schoolers and Kindergarteners have in common (like following directions *cough, cough*).

My FamilyThe best part for me is that my mom is also my best friend. My poor father has to listen to our LONGGGGGG phone conversations and stuff. He has recently told me that he just takes his hearing aid out, haha. Either way, I’m so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life to help me through all my problems.

Who is your shoulder to cry on? Do you also tell them all your awful / hilarious stories that happened during the day?


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