Classroom Reveal!

And Miss Bowman said, “IT IS FINISHED!” My room is complete and hopefully will not need to change anymore before the first day. I’m quite pleased with it, I must say! Here’s the finished product.

Here is a quick overview of the back and front of the room.Front of the ClassBack of the Class
At the front of my room, I have two bulletin boards. One is my information board with a calendar that I use for posting important due dates. The other is a motivation board that is covered in song quotes. I will be encouraging students to fill it up this year. On the whiteboard, I have an agenda posted for all three of my classes, so I can avoid the question, “WHAT ARE WE DOING TODAY?!” as much as possible!

Info BoardMotivation Board


I have my beautiful new podium posted with my awesome director’s chair that I bought from Pier One Imports. This box beside my chair is useless right now, but I think I might use it to hold my books that I will be reading with the class. My class phone is beside this with some random stuff and my placeholder bookshelf. I’m in love with my Shrek coffee cup though. I got it at Goodwill for $1. Also notice the “This is a NO Whining Zone” sign!

Chair and Podium

Phone Corner

The other side of my room has my bookshelves that hold my student mailboxes. This is where they store their individual PDSAs and interactive notebooks. Each student has their own. I got these online from IKEA, and I love them!!! I also have my procedures bulletin board on this side. It looks strict, but hopefully it works.


Procedures Board

Also on this wall, I have my Wall of Shame board, where the kids will be posting grammar and spelling mistakes that they find out in the real world. This should be pretty funny! It looks bland now, but it should be full soon. I also put my differentiated work and absent folders in these crates to keep them in separate location from the student mailboxes.

Side WallCrates

My back wall has my novel bookshelf that will soon be filled with more nick-knacks. Po from Kung Fo Panda lives up top (the only safe place for him). The purple glitter skull is named Yorick (for my English peoples). I also adore my fabric flag of Frida Kahlo, but the kids think it’s weird. (IDC!) The wall behind my desk is for the little happy things that keep me sane. I am loving my new zombies metal sign. I will probably reference it a lot this year, tehe.

Panda Bookshelf

Back Wall Decor

My new desk configuration is AMAZING! I love it so much. I can use my document camera like crazy now with no weird torturous bending. I have my own little private area back here. I have my turn-in tray back here (since I’m lazy). Last but not least are my ugly filing cabinets and closet (don’t look).

Behind Desk

Side Table

Side of Table

The front of my desk is what usually makes my kids laugh at me. I have everything from Spongebob to “I like big books and I cannot lie” lyrics to stupid grammar jokes. This is my personality though, and I like for them to realize that I am indeed a person too! (GASP! TEACHERS ARE REAL PEOPLE?!)

Front of Desk

So how is your classroom looking? Any new suggestions for me? Do you like having all your personal little nick-knacks and funnies around your room?


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