Teaching Theme

I have survived my first week of school for the year, and actually, things are going quite well. I like my classes. I love the new way that I’m running things (more posts on that later). It seems like it will be a good year.

I changed my Do Nows a tiny bit this year (warm-up, bell ringer, or whatever you call it). On Thursdays, our concept is Terminology Thursday. I pick one literature term that all the kids should know, and I teach or review it with awesome examples. This week our lit term was THEME. Now, I’ve always struggled with teaching theme. Kids get it confused with main idea and just randomly picking something that happened in the novel. BUT this year, I finally got it right. Out of curiosity, I googled “teaching theme.” This video popped up, and my way of teaching theme will ALWAYS be this from now on.

I used her example of Finding Nemo with my kids, and they loved it. We had an awesome time talking about theme, which has NEVER happened before for me. The kids understood it, enjoyed it, and really were paying attention. I especially love the way that it goes from a topic to a theme. So how do you teach theme?